About Mike McDaniel

“Strategic – Pioneer”

Taken in tandem, these two words could be called redundant. Or are actually complementary parts of a whole concept?

A strategist creates pathways to a desired future. The pioneer is willing to blaze the trail into the unknown and uncertain. The pioneer must clear the pathway; the strategist makes the expedition permanent and sustainable. The work is best done by someone who has the understanding and skills of both, and this is how I see God’s calling on my life. Knowing me is more than my pedigree or degrees, although I have those if you want to see them. I have my Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

If you really want to know me, I land solidly in the Strategic Thinking Gifting of the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. I love life coaching, exploring the depths of emotional health and marriage enrichment through Prepare Enrich.

I thrive in leading movements that start movements. I’ve experienced that as the first white man to enter a village with the good news of Christ (Siankwkwani, Zambia)—then helping indigenous Zambians start churches of their own. I’ve experienced it through launching Grace Point Church in Bentonville, Arkansas—and pouring into its foundation the capacity to launch other independent, self-sustaining churches around the world.

I enjoy “boldly going where no one else has gone,” but for me, the ultimate fulfillment is the vision of millions coming behind me, –exponential products of well-designed mission.

Meet Our Team

Lori McDaniel: My bride of more than 25 years is my best friend and colleague. Lori is a Mission Catalyst with the IMB, as well as an incredible communicator and visionary who thrives in environments of creative idea formation and collaboration. She is currently working on her Masters degree. Catch up with Lori here: www.LoriMcdaniel.org.

Jordan McGrath:  My “one and only” daughter. To the surprise of no one, she is a “daddy’s girl”; also a graduate of Liberty University and a graphic artist par excellence. Jordan is married to Tiernan McGrath. If a dad has to give away his “one and only” in marriage, it might as well be to the best son-in-law imaginable. Tiernan shares his creative genius as a videographer for Elements Studio, in Rogers, Arkansas. Like Jordan, he’s also a graduate of Liberty.

Caleb McDaniel: My son is a graduate of West Point, the United States Military Academy, with a degree in International Relations, having studied French. He will start 2017 by entering Ranger school before joining the Infantry. Look for Caleb to become your candidate of choice in a future election; he is already a statesman and not a politician.

Josh McDaniel: By the time of his high school graduation, Son Two will have traveled to more countries than most people in their entire lives. Josh is our entrepreneurial mind with his own creative bent for film and photography.  Beware his drone may be flying over  you right now filming your every move. He makes his mint mowing yards and working on his Chaco tan as a life guard. Look out, world!

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