For the first time in centuries, the Church no longer has a primary place in the cultural dialogue. Christian leaders living off old assumptions are struggling, while missional churches are discovering new ways to reinvent themselves, arrest the general decline, and become catalysts for new strategies for reaching non-believers. These new voices are following the lead of the early church, shifting their focus to an incarnational model. The Resurgent Church will help church leaders who are struggling to find and incorporate this new paradigm into their local church body.

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“Bolstered by solid statistical analysis and laced with insightful missional thinking, Mike reminds us of the massively changed cultural context in which we are called to faithfully deliver the message of the church and gives us some insightful clues on how to adjust. This is a really well articulated book by an unusually perceptive church leader.”

Alan Hirsch
Author & Activist

“As the cultural ground has shifted under the feet of the church, how does one get a read on where things are and how churches should respond? The Resurgent Church helps you exegete the culture and then understand how a church can effectively fit in that moving world long term. It calls for and shows a scripturally rooted way for a lived out commitment that is a reflection of the gospel. There is much in this book to ponder, both conceptually and practically. I commend it to those seeking a compass to find their churches way in a changed world. “

Darrell L. Bock
Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement
Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies

“Every leader who is longing to lead in the liminal times we live in would be well-advised to carry a copy of The Resurgent Church in his or her back pocket as a navigational roadmap to the future. Drawing from history, biography, technology, theology and wisdom as a global practitioner, Mike McDaniel gives a real gift to the church and those who want to understand the times we live in and how we can move forward.”

Eric Swanson
Co Author of The Externally Focused Church and To Transform a City

It’s all here: a detailed analysis of the church’s current situation; a helpful explanation of the missional-incarnational paradigm; and a practical description of seven essential shifts the church needs to make to find its mission in a post-Christendom age. And it’s all written by a warm-hearted missionary-pastor who lives what he teaches. Read it. You’ll be glad you did…It will become a standard text on the subject, I believe.”

Michael Frost
Author The Shaping of Things to Come, Exiles, and The Road to Missional

“Like the Cross-Fit workouts he does, Mike McDaniel puts us through a rigorous workout of various disciplines all designed to equip the church to navigate this new world. In The Resurgent Church he puts us through the traces of biblical exegesis, theological commentary, cultural exegesis and practical examples of ministry – all in order to prepare us for the rigors of leading a relevant and vibrant church. This volume not only gives hope, but dispenses massive doses of practical suggestions for those who take seriously their role of leading a movement.”

Reggie McNeal
Author Missional Renaissance and Kingdom Come